Director of Public Works

The Director of Public Works supervises and coordinates the activities of members of the department. The Director is in charge of budgeting and purchasing for the department and ensures that all duties and responsibilities of the Public Works Department are completed in a timely manner. The Director is responsible for ensuring that the employees of the department are properly equipped with reliable equipment, tools, and knowledge.


  • Ensures the provisions of safe, quality drinking water, through the enforcement of all applicable state regulations;
  • Ensures the safe treatment and disposal of all waste water through the enforcement of all applicable state regulations;
  • Compiles and manages the departmental budget;
  • Oversees the safe maintenance and upkeep of all roads, signs, and pavement markings;
  • Assigns daily tasks to departmental employees;
  • Provides reports and other information to the City Manager upon request;
  • Organizes and prioritizes departmental work and ensures their efficient completion;
  • Orders any necessary departmental tools and other supplies;
  • Handles citizen complaints in a professional manner;
  • Works to solve any problems (personnel or otherwise) that arise in the department