Code Enforcement

Report a Code Violation

Code Enforcement in Sterling is handled through a combination of the Police Department and the Public Works Department.

To file a complaint you may come into our office, you may talk to a staff member by calling (620) 278-3423. Please be prepared with the address number of the offending property(s).

While we do our best to identify violations of nuisance regulations, property maintenance standards, zoning regulations, and other city codes, Sterling has always relied upon the use of citizen based participation in the code enforcement process through complaints.

Anonymous complaints are accepted unless a complainant does not have a street address to report for the suspected violation. In this case, complaints will require that the complainant provide a name and contact phone number. This is to assist the inspectors in conducting a thorough and efficient investigation of the complaint.

When a property complaint is received, the City will respond by opening an internal investigation into the complaint including a site visit and the starting of paperwork to abate the violation. Many of these processes are dictated by Kansas state law and can be frustrating for the complainant. Please take confidence that you were heard and actions are being taken to remedy the situation(s). Should you feel that your complaint was not heard, please contact City Hall at (620) 278-3423.